Abbreviations : F to J.(Important for Competitive examinations)

In this Post We are giving full forms or abbreviations From letter F to J.which will be Useful in Both Daily Lives and Competitive examinations. Stay tuned for more abbreviations.

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1 FAO Food and Agriculture Organisation
2 FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation (USA)
3 FBTR Fast Breeder Test Reactor
4 FCI Food Corporation of India / Fertilizer Corporation of India
5 FDR Flight Data Recorder (Black Box)
6 FERA Foreign Exchange Regulation Act
7 FEMA Foreign Exchange Management Act
8 FICCI Federation of India Chambers of Commerce and Industry
9 FIPB Foreign Investment Promotion Board
10 FIR First Information Report
11 FRS Fellow of the Royal Society
12 FTII Films and Television Institute of India
13 FTZ Free Trade Zone
14 GAIL Gas Authority of India Limited
15 GATT General Agreement on Tariff and Trade
16 GIC General Insurance Corporation
17 GMT Greenwich Mean Time
18 GNLF Gorkha National Liberation Front
19 GNP Gross National Product
20 GPF General Provident Fund
21 GPO General Post Office
22 GPS Global Positioning System
23 GSI Geological Survey of India
24 HAC Hindustan Aluminium Corporation
25 HAL Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
26 HCF Highest Common Factor
27 HDFC Housing Development Finance Corporation
28 HIV Human Immuno-deficiency Virus
29 HMT Hindustan Machine Tools
30 HUDCO Housing and Urban Development Corporation
31 HYVS High Yield Variety Seeds
32 IAAI International Airport Authority of India
33 lAC Indian Airlines Corporation
34 IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency
35 IARI Indian Agricultural Research Institute
36 IBRD International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank)
37 ICAR Indian Council of Agricultural Research
38 ICBM Inter Continental Ballistic Missile
39 ICC International Cricket Council
40 ICFTU International Confederation of Free Trade Unions
41 ICICI Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India Limited
42 ICJ International Court of Justice
43 ICMR Indian Council of Medical Research
44 ICSI Indian Company Secretaries Institute
45 IDA International Development Agency
46 IDBI Industrial Development Bank of India
47 IDO International Defence Organisation
48 IDPL Indian Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Limited
49 IFA Indian Football Association
50 IFCI Industrial Finance Corporation of India
51 IFFI International Film Festival of India
52 IFFCO Indian Farmers Fertilizers Cooperative
53 IFTU International Federation of Trade Unions
54 IIPA Indian Institute of Public Administration
55 IIS Indian Institute of Sciences
56 IISCO Indian Iron and Steel Company
57 IIT Indian Institute of Technology
58 ILO International Labour Organisation
59 IMA Indian Military Academy
60 IMF International Monetary Fund
61 INGCA Indira Gandhi Gallery for Culture and Art
62 INS Indian Naval Ship
63 INSAT Indian National Satellite
64 INTELSAT International Telecommunication Satellite
65 INTERPOL International Police Organisation
66 INTUC Indian National Trade Union Congress
67 IOC International Olympic Committee / Indian Oil Corporation
68 IPC Indian Penal Code
69 IPKF Indian Peace Keeping Force
70 IQ Intelligence Quotient
71 IRBM Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile
72 IRC International Red Cross
73 IRDA Insurance Regulatory Development Authority
74 IRDP Integrated Rural Development Programme
75 ISB Indian Standard Bureau
76 ISM Indian School of Mines
77 ISO International Organisation for Standardisation
78 ISP Internet Services Provider
79 ISRO Indian Space Research Organisation
80 IST Indian Standard Time
81 ITBP Indo-Tibet Border Police
82 ITDC Indian Tourism Development Corporation
83 ITPO Indian Trade Promotion Organisation
84 ITO International Trade Organisation
85 IUCN International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resource
86 ITUC Indian Trade Union Congress
87 JMM Jharkhand Mukti Morcha

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